Alexandra Banhazl is a Los Angeles based audiovisual filmmaker, currently living in Belgium studying Master of Fine Art - Media Art and Philosophy at Kask & Conservatorium School of Arts Gent. Her works live in abstract, symbolic, and surreal worlds. Inspired by her philosophical questioning, and her desire to move and experience, she continues to experiment with a camera, sound, light, materials, and performers to construct poetic worlds within the screen. The viewer is invited to experience and to feel the atmosphere within the video composed of multi-referential symbols and metaphors dealing with her experience of the layers of perception. 

In 2018, she joined the Brussels-based experimental and improvisational jazz band The Cosmics Union. She currently collaborates with the group, creating visuals for live concerts, album artwork, and promotional content. 

During her internship at De-Construkt, Alexandra continues to collaborate with artists both on-site and in the city. She is also exploring the possibilities of dark room photography by utilizing the dark room at the studio, continuing her philosophical research, and absorbing the people and culture of New York. 

To view more work of her work including photography, music videos, and music visit: &