Andrew Forman is a multi instrumentalist, composer, and producer not seen in one place for too long. He is the primary songwriter of the phantom jazz pop band Goodfight (Florida Room, Ghoster), guitarist of self deprecating fusion band Solid Goold, and has coproduced music for Sweet Joseph, Amani Fela, ACIDHEAD, and Annique Monet among others.

Andrew works out of home studios throughout Brooklyn and recently has been commuting to Bethlehem, PA to work with Patrick McGee to produce some of the aforementioned projects. Involved in a patchwork of scenes from NYC to Philadelphia to New Brunswick to the Delaware Water Gap, referred to as a dude who just gets it done.

Andrew performs often with Goodfight, Solid Goold, and constantly records players from the jazz and rock worlds, always scheming never mad. In October, Andrew will curate vinyl sampling, tape machine ooz, free jazz, poetry, and anti folk every Wednesday night at the historic Deer Head Inn (Delaware Water Gap). All the while plugging away, writing, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering Goodfight's first LP out early next year.