Asier Urbieta is a filmmaker from Basque. He holds a degree in Audio-Visual Communications specializing in cinematographic direction. He started shooting fiction before moving onto documentary and rode between the two genres, mixing and playing with them. He has filmed across the world, combining his two great passions, filming and travelling. His short fiction and documentary films have been selected to be shown at more than 500 festivals throughout the world – including Interfilm, China New Media Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, and Stockholm International Film Festival – and have won over 50 awards.

He works doing TV commercials, a genre that is very attractive to him for its great visual power. He enjoys working as a team with the client and the agency, excited about the challenge of bringing attractiveness and aesthetic coherence to the pieces he makes.

He has just written his first theater script, “Likes,” which has been selected in the program “New Dramaturgies,” created by the Arriaga, Victoria Eugenia, and Principal Theaters.

The one-shot is a recurrent narrative form in his filmography. He has explored this staging in different works, hypnotized by the choreography between the camera and the actors. He likes the rhythm and the realism of these long, continuous shots.

His work usually deals with very diverse themes, from memory, respect, conspiracy to absurdity, chance or disability: themes that have dealt with more depth. He feels comfortable in the genre drama, but he has also shot a comedy, a thriller and science fiction.

This is the third time he has spent an extended period of time in New York, which where he shot his first documentary, “Todo es Maybe,” in 2009. During his residency at DE-CONSTRUKT, he is excited to be carrying out different projects in the city.

2003 – Larzabal – Fiction
2005 – Arco Iris – Fiction
2007 – Musika – Fiction
2008 – Pim pam pum – Fiction
2009 – Todo es Maybe – Documentary
2010 – Moldatu – Fiction
2011 – Qwerty – Fiction
2012 – Taxi – Documentary
2013 – Arconada – Fiction
2016 – False Flag – Fiction
2018 – Victoria – Documentary