Baleada Queen (BQ) rose to fame at a young age while starring in a telenovela by the same name. Sadly, this star took a fall and was placed under conservatorship in her 20s. She was relegated to a life of loneliness, trapped inside her Central American McMansion. As the months went on, she felt the need to express herself to her fans, who she hoped to reconnect with after such a dismal public meltdown.

BQ primary outlet was Instagram, the likes rolled in and she experienced a significant boost in dopamine. She started by simply posting low-fi self-portraits with a harsh flash for contrast. Soon she was emboldened enough to express herself through video and even to experiment aesthetically with her photographs. She really loves airbrushing. BQ is inspired by Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears and countless other women who have undergone public breakdowns similar to hers. Her goal is to show the world that women in her state still have agency and a voice and of course and to acquire more fans.

BQ is also a pop star, you can find her music on BQ hopes to one day be able to perform in front of a live audience.

BQ is in NYC this July 2018 to visit some fabulous friends (BQ’s first time being on a trip alone out of the house since she was placed under conservatorship).