Berglind Ágústsdóttir, graduated from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2003. She has been active in the art scene, both domestic and internationally since. Berglind’s involvement with the arts includes hosting events, curating, musician, as well as artist. Berglind has showed her art and played her music around the world. There is no doubt about it that her art is paired with her appearance and attitude in daily life. Just like in her life she uses colour, patterns, toys and photographs to express her matter of heart. Berglinds works in performance, music and installation.

At DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] Berglind will be working on new music, new video works, experimental radio and mixed media art. She is also here to draw inspiration by the city and work in the flow. Accompanying her on this journey is her 15 year old son Funi who is aspiring dancer.