The Blood Book is a magazine for creative demonstrations of womxnhood. During her art residency at DE-CONSTRUKT, editor, designer and photographer, Chloe Devine, developed a large portion of the content for the Spring issue of The Blood Book, The Waxing Moon.

This Issue of the magazine aligns with the second phase of the feminine natural cycles - spring, the follicular hormone phase, and the waxing moon. Featured artists include artwork, photography, poetry, interviews and essays by 12 womxn from across the world. DE-CONSTRUKT provided the space for Chloe to develop three different photograph series which are featured in the this issue of The Blood Book, as well as an interview with Maia Radanovic, a fellow artist-in-residence at DE-CONSTRUKT.

The Blood Book is currently doing a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of the magazine. The mission of the magazine is to be a platform for expression around topics of futility, sexuality, race and relationships. To publish 4 issues per year, in tandem with the four feminine phases of nature, and to be a place for femininity to be celebrated in ALL its forms. To support the Kickstarter:

ABOUT Chloe Devine

Chloe Devine is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing on photography, graphic design and illustration. Her career, education and artistic processes have intersected and evolved as a cross-disciplinary investigation and exploration of science, spirituality, community, health, and ecology. Chloe’s focus now is on interpreting and communicating the common thread of these experiences through graphic design, illustration and typography.

The Blood Book; a publication focused on expressions of womxnhood. Chloe launched this project to form a tangible platform for any woman (or female/feminine identifying person) to have their creative expressions become published and witnessed. The Blood Book is themed around the four stages of the female hormone cycle and synonymous phases of the moon. Each issue is released within the season associated to the four phases of the menstrual cycle, Issue II - The Waxing Moon (Follicular Phase) will be released summer 2019.