Andrea Božić (HR/NL) and Julia Willms (DE/NL) have collaborated since 2003. Andrea is a choreographer and artist based in Amsterdam. She studied Comparative Literature and English Language at the University of Zagreb, dance and performance at the School For New Dance Development and at the Master of Choreography at the Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam. Julia studied Visual Communications at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (NL) and Media Art at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna (AT). They make in-disciplinary work that takes form of site-responsive installations, live performance, digital collage, collaborations with the weather and night sky, drawings, games and film. The work reorganizes attention and perception, creates paradoxical situations and asks questions about attention and imagination, perception of presence, the politics of viewing, presentation of reality and distribution of authorship. All individual projects are part of larger constellations. They present the work across different contexts and borders: theatres, musea, festivals, galleries, site-specific, imaginary and virtual locations and have collaborated with a plethora of partners locally and internationally. Together with sound artist Robert Pravda they are in-disciplinary platform TILT to inspire and support artistic practice and thinking beyond disciplines.

During their time at DE-CONSTRUKT, Julia and Andrea will work on their current research into darkness and illumination as part of their project in collaboration with the night sky. They will work on some elements of their new performance in collaboration with the Moon mapping, repairing and navigating dreams, histories and future projections into an urban environment. They will combine this with collecting video footage, photography and audio material of the urban cityscape and architectural environments working with the Red Hook area as a site of research and a case study. The research and material will later be processed for their upcoming installation and performance in collaboration with the Moon they will be developing in 2020.