Chloe Devine is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing on photography, graphic design and illustration. Her career, education and artistic processes have intersected and evolved as a cross-disciplinary investigation and exploration of science, spirituality, community, health, and ecology. This year marks a turning point in Chloe’s creative trajectory as she focuses on building her graphic design skills and returning professionally to her creative process. After studies and experiences in a number of disciplines, Chloe’s focus now is on interpreting and communicating the common thread of these experiences through graphic design, illustration and typography. During her residency at DE-CONSTRUKT, Chloe explores the intersection of the disciplines of Fine Art and Design through her project Common-Unity/Idiosyncrasy.

Utilizing design thinking methods Common-Unity/Idiosyncrasy is an inquiry into both the particular and archetypal characteristics of community (via Red Hook). The process will result in the formulation of concepts and production of creative assets inspired by the community. Almost a faux branding project, while still buoyant with aspects of Fine Arts by way of analog photography and illustration, the project propels the artist further into the discipline of Design through objective investigation, digital technologies and producing creative deliverables such as posters, environmental designs (murals), and a custom Red Hook typeface.

In applications of design methodologies, Common-Unity/Idiosyncrasy aims for objective and practical communication. The Designer (>Artist) pushing herself forth into effective communication design, as an almost simultaneous interpretation of the discovery of the essence of Red Hook, developing a visual “brand” of the common unity and idiosyncrasies of the community, if you will. Meanwhile, the Artist (>Designer) builds from past experiences in social-permaculture and socially relevant issues around how to be an Ally and intends the project to reflect upon the problem of how to respectfully participate in a community to which we do not innately belong. And, utility of mixed-mediums and practices of self-expression and contemplative reflection keep the project within the discipline of Fine Arts.
Paradox and duality thematically course through the project in both subject matter and medium: Fine Arts-Design, Digital-Analog, Personal-Objective, Communication-Expression, Anonymity-Belonging. The project propels itself into and from a crux of dichotomies.

Chloe will also spend a portion of her stay at DE-CONSTRUKT gathering materials and editing and designing the second issue of her print magazine (zine), The Blood Book; a publication focused on expressions of womxnhood.

Chloe launched this project to form a tangible platform for any woman (or femal/feminine identifying person) to have their creative expressions become published and witnessed. The Blood Book is themed around the four stages of the female hormone cycle and synonymous phases of the moon. Each issue is released within the season associated to the four phases of the menstrual cycle, Issue II - The Waxing Moon (Follicular Phase) will be released this spring following Chloe’s month at DE-CONSTRUKT.