Courtney McRae is a musician, painter, writer, archaeologist, zoologist, and researcher. When she isn’t working on her scientific studies, she is creating new art pieces or playing music. Her recent focus has been on art installations. Much of her artist work incorporates her research, where she has worked with animal bones in many art installations. She studies zooarchaeology, which is the study of animals in an archaeological context. She embraces being a polymath and wants to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and try new fields. Art and science are usually kept separate. However, the two fields flow hand in hand. She hopes to see the two fields intermingle in the future.

Courtney was born and raised in Waco, TX, to which she claims to be a black hole that is run by corrupt cops. She managed to escape the black hole in her early 20’s, where she began hitch hiking and hopping trains around America. Although fun, this lifestyle was too difficult to maintain forever. She began studying anthropology with a focus on archaeology at the University of Colorado-Denver. She lived in Denver for three years, working at the science museum and a youth homeless center. Her life focus has been to study and work in Egypt. She traveled to Egypt several times before she finally decided to move there. She currently lives and works in Cairo, Egypt, where her art, music, and research began to flourish.

During her residency at DE-CONSTRUCT Courtney is working on a piece that is entirely different from her other works. She is creating an art installation that incorporates performance. Her piece was inspired by Scottish folklore involving faeries and witches. She will become one with the installation to give the piece more life by reenacting an offering to the faeries. This is her way of expressing herself artistically and musically, while the artist expands into her ancestor’s history.