Courtney Mooney’s work is based on the seeking and exploration of Soul. Enlightening and recovering the “Soul” of herself and others through the lens. Her work is most often socially-engaged. She uses her lens as a medium of social change.

In her work Courtney is most concerned with the environment, addiction, and female empowerment. Mooney interacts with the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. She prefers to shoot analog and develop and process her work in the darkroom. She is interested in moving the heart and soul of her viewer, combatting the diseases of our society for highest good and inner purpose. She is opposed to pretty photography and prefers photographs that reveal the truth of our humanity. Courtney likes her art in public spaces and is not very fond of galleries as they exist today.

Courtney grew up in rural Maine. When she became eighteen, she left the small town. Mooney moved to Baltimore, went to school at Goucher College and received a B.A. in Psychology and Religion with the intention of becoming a minister focused on social justice. she found the lens, and saw all the work she wanted to do in the world would be through the lens.

Courtney will be photographing two neighborhood spots and the community members that frequent them, Sunny's Bar and the Record Shop. She is looking to photograph community members during her stay here and at some point have a show within Red Hook of portraits.