Private photography darkroom available at DE-CONSTRUKT. Fully equipped for B&W film processing and printing.

Our custom-built enlarger bay is fitted to print negatives up to 4x5 inches and provide the tools necessary to process prints up to 11x14 inches. Our affordable hourly rates and monthly membership passes means you get as much time as you need to achieve the result you desire from your images.

Ask for special pricing that include access to the studio for photo shoots and our kitchen. Email for rates include hourly, daily and long term access.

2 8” x 3’4” x 1’6” gang stainless steel sinks
All basic chemistry (Ilford, Dektol, Kodak)
Discount offered if you bring your own, terms apply
Plastic tanks and reels for 35 and 120 film
Enlarger capable of printing 35, 120 and 4x5 film
Easels and trays capable of printing up to 11 x 14
Grain focusers
Multigrade filters (00 to 5)
Timers and safelights
Measuring graduates
Print tongs
Enlarging magnifiers