Dora Naspolini is a visual artist, songwriter and writer from Brazil. She graduated as a Bachelor of Visual Arts at UDESC (Florianópolis, BRA), and has worked as a musician for 5 years now.

Most of her work is based on her experiences lived through her personal life, documented with diaries, and gathering an infinite research about the main theme that is the center of her call: “love and its emotional unfolding”. Exploring her own ideas, feelings, sexuality, and place in the world as a woman and an artist, she translates most of her work through performance, photography, sound, writing and drawing. She is also a musician and is now working on gathering both her art and music into the same project.

@soundofl0ve the project works as a research about love and people.

During her stay at DE-CONSTRUKT, she will develop a research around the neighborhood, interviewing and inviting people to participate in the project "@soundofl0ve", asking them the question "what is the sound of love?". From the result of this action, the answers will be transformed into a sound list that will work with sound (through sound collections) and with the word (through the list of answers obtained). The idea is to dialogue with people - through a sensitive questioning, and through analog portraits to document the action - making of this a collection of love in a given space. A mobile action, flexible, an infinite search.

Visit https://www.doranaspolini.com