Edmond Caputo is a mixed-media artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised on a lake, he spent most of his childhood immersed in the flora and fauna of geological upstate New York: his work reflects the experiences of his upbringing.

Caputo’s approach to painting is a ritualistic and pensive inquiry of material. Streams of movements are dragged, pushed, and saturated into the canvas composing nuanced and indelible landscapes. Caputo’s work emphasizes a setting between chaotic surface exploration and orderly compositional formalities. The energetic flow between iterations of cultivating the canvas environment become evident within each fractured section of his holistic works. Caputo’s work presents phenomena in paint, regard for the natural world, time, life, and decay.

Caputo has a Master’s of Fine Art degree in painting and sculpture from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout New York and is in numerous private collections. During his time at DE-CONSTRUKT, Caputo is exploring the effects of salt water, sourced oceanside from Red Hook, infused into his painting practice. He is particularly interested in the perpetual fluid to solid states that salt exists in, how it will be reformulated within the canvas, and how it may ultimately destabilize the pigment and surface. This is a continuation of Caputo’s ongoing studio methods employing water as a vehicle for painting.