Eva Kelly is a Dublin based freelance illustrator. Her illustration is about visual commentary that reflects observations from everyday life, people’s interactions, interiors and exteriors features. The idea is to create a strong sense of place and stories in each image that the viewer can also create. It is about elevating daily scenes and showing new ways to look at the ordinary. At its heart, her work is about the celebration of the everyday through illustration. Her work has been published in editorial work and public spaces.

Her illustrated book Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday is a visual journey through the north and south of inner city Dublin. Inspired from the chapter "Lestrygonians" in Ulysses, James Joyce, it traces part of the journey Leopold Bloom makes through the streets. Applying the idea of the flâneur observing city life it is approached in the context of reportage illustration. Acting as a witness to each scene she drew on location and took photographs of different perspectives. Working from these to make twelve illustrations which form the book. They show the exterior urban spaces, streets and people of each place. The idea of this book is to visually capture the energy and the ‘stream of life’ of contemporary Dublin. Currently it is on show at the dlr Mill Theatre Dundrum, Dublin.