During his residency, Robert Hais researched and experimented with different ideas for a video animation within the public space. The research aspect was devoted to speaking with as many different people as possible, both those who lived in the neighborhood and those who did not.

Collecting as many possible perspectives as possible was the aim, to get a sense of what is happening there right now. Stories about Brooklyn, Red Hook, was collected in lower Manhattan, Williamsburg and around Red Hook. All these places has gone through a similar process over the past decades.

The gentrification is vivid in the neighborhood both now and historically. It is an ongoing process that force some people out, to make room for others. It is often the poor that draws the short straw, and is forced out. The variety of perspectives is the foundation of the project, but the ambiance of Red Hook also played a part.

Included in the research phase was also a study of different sites, that could hold the animation. The Site Specific animation was based on the current situation and the peoples voices.

The animation is part of a series of works all constructed in the same manner, but with different voices. During the residency, Robert also made a short preview that was projected on the building above the Record Store on Van Brunt Street.

ABOUT Robert Hais

Robert Hais is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sweden, with roots in former Czechoslovakia. Boundaries and obstacles is always present in the works, from social injustices to biopsychosocial and cultural barriers. Different systems in today’s society that blocks progress and the evolution of humanity is often present as well as the result of that system which creates chaos when culminating at some point.

The work includes installations, structural and digital, architectural objects, and any other means of exploring obstacles within the public spaces. Patterns of repeating forms or loops are connected to larger installation in most works. Storytelling as a means to communicate shapes every work as does the specificity of the sites.

Robert Hais holds a degree from the University of the Arts, London and has exhibited works nationally and internationally and works manly within the public spaces.