“Here’s Looking at You, Red Hook!“ is a project of experimental analog photography consisting of self-built cameras of different shapes and sizes used for taking pictures of the neighborhood. Matchboxes, beer cans, empty cardboard packages: almost everything transformed into a camera. Portraits, street views, architecture: the world changes in a magical way looking through a pinhole.

Some of the cameras will be placed outside for long time exposure images. Preferably they will be exposed for several days or even weeks. This is part of a long-term research project started in Kyrgyzstan in 2017 (http://carokrebietke.com/#/yssykkul/) depicting urban landscapes with very simple and basic technical equipment. Later continued in Germany with exposures over six weeks to three months and now in Red Hook, with cameras placed at most prominent landmarks

The second offering of “Here’s Looking at You, Red Hook!“ is a series of workshops for people of all ages to learn how to build and use pinhole cameras with long – or short time exposure utilizing cheap and commonplace materials like a matchbox, aluminum foil, and adhesive tape.

ABOUT Caro Krebietke
Caro Krebietke is a visual artist, associate professor, and curator based in Stuttgart, Germany. Caro’s artistic approach is a research-based which leads her to work in different locations all over the world. Caro has collaborated with international cultural and educational institutions in Italy, Morocco, Czech Republic, Russia, Namibia, Vietnam, Denmark, Romania, and Switzerland as well as in different cities in Germany. She holds a degree in Archaeology, Ethnology, and Egyptology at Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich and a Master of Arts degree in Ceramic Arts at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.