Laura Arena reopened Lucky Gallery in 2009 at 176 Richards Street, Brooklyn NY in Red Hook. The gallery was in operation for a year and half, we worked with more than 60 artists from Europe and the US.

DE-CONSTRUKT is the continuation of Lucky Gallery in a more experimental format that also include a residency, studio and darkroom rental located right down the street at 41 Seabring Street, Brooklyn NY also in Red Hook.

It was a beautiful run and our roster included;

a.m. breakups
alix sorrell
andy vernon-jones
anna ortiz
calling the dog
cardon webb
andy cavatorta
christina kelly
clear films
comadante zero
diana ho
dirty boards
dirty pillowz
ed nacional
fish mcgill
friends of type
greensgrow farm
hannah kasper
ivy glass ecouture
jennifer heuer
joshua ray stephens -thursday city news
julia oldham
justin thomas kay
kevin l muth
l. nichols
lilian asterfield
mark mulroney
meg paradise
pablo medina
pillow fort
portal porfavor
rachel mosler
ralph maratta
stephanie homa
the camera museum
the upperhand art
tina schott
tj hospodar
travis simon

and countless others who don’t have web sites.