Experiment with our respiratory system in relationship to plantain, mullein and common mallow growing in Brooklyn through a walking performance ritual hosted by artists Corinne Cappelleti and Eva Perrotta.

Learn to identify the plants and share the medicinal and edible qualities with one another through discussion, tasting and movement scores. Maps provided with a walking route to plant destinations in Red Hook. Gifts of homemade plant craft included. Come touch and be touched by the ruderel plant-life!

ro͞odərəl (of a plant) is offering experimental movement-based labs to empower the local environment—both natural and man-made, as well as the people who live within it. Shift our attitudes, claim our space, and deepen our practices with nature in public spaces. Each Lab will be an interactive walk framed by pairing ruderal plants with a particular body function to experiment, play, and re-connect to our natural environment.