DE-CONSTRUKT Studio Assistant Internship
This is a great opportunity for a highly motivated and independent person who is willing to take on the role of an assistant for a small artist-run art organization whose focus is working with international artists. This opportunity will provide skills that might leverage a career in the arts and to give exposure to an array of interesting projects and people and the daily routine of running an art space.

We are looking for applicant who is:
+ Friendly and helpful personality
+ Some knowledge of basic painting and hand-tools or a willingness to learn
+ Can work well with others and/or independently with little to no supervision
+ Comfortable with answering phone calls and making solicitation phone calls
+ Proofreading and editing
+ Basic computer and social media skills
+ Possess a willingness to learn

Possible responsibilities include:
+ Assist with daily operations of the project space and event set-up
+ Assist with preparing the studio for events
+ Work alongside national and international artists
+ Conduct research for events, public relations, artists, fundraising, development etc.
+ Run errands
+ Work at events
+ Light cleaning; sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, organizing, etc.
+ Help distribute press/event materials

Intern needs to be available onsite at 41 Seabring responsibilities include;
+Assist with check-in for artists renting the darkroom and any needs they might have regarding equipment, their rental or any needs they might have.
+Assist residency artists onsite with any questions regarding the space or any needs they might have with their project and stay.
+Let in guests that are staying in the guest room and making sure they are situated and to show them where everything is.
+Let in and assist anyone who is renting the main studio.

This is an unpaid internship opportunity. There is opportunity to make commission on studio and darkroom rentals. Details to be discussed with candidate.

Testimonials by Former Interns:
“With the global expansion of the arts industry paralleling the increased distress due to the current political climate in the U.S. and abroad, my initial conception of what a contemporary art space is and could be was altered due to my involvement with DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] and its socio-politically influenced exhibition programme. During my summer internship with the artist-run space and under the guidance of its Director Laura Arena, we mounted exhibitions, fundraisers, and social events that ran the thematic gamut from a solo exhibition on health and disability during the attempted repeal of the Affordable Care Act to a fundraiser for New York’s only shelter specifically for asylum seekers. Working alongside Laura, I was able to understand firsthand the obligations of artist space management through my artist liaison, event organization, and public relations duties. Furthermore, Laura tailored my internship to include my goal of refining my writing skills through the ability to write invitations and press releases for our events. Above all else, my internship with DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] has further solidified my passion for pursuing a career in the arts with a new understanding that innovation and determination are necessary to develop ideas to reach their full realization. I leave Laura and my internship with new experiences and a new focus on how to present the pressing issues of our contemporary reality in a format that is accessible to all, and for this, I am eternally grateful.”
Eduardo Sotomayor, Intern (2017)

“Among the very fine virtues and skills which cannot be taught, passion is perhaps the most important to those who work in the arts. And although passion cannot be taught, it can be learned by watching those who have it as they guide and create. I can say, without a doubt that I learned how to ignite my own passion from working with Laura Arena at Lucky Gallery. Laura’s vision rubs off. From her I learned how to rediscover and love what’s best and beautiful around me. As a curator and art writer, this brought light and energy to my work, and to my enjoyment of it. Laura’s mentorship, her energy, and her keen insight into the work of the artists she supports are exemplary and provide inspiration and education to any who are lucky enough to work with her.”
Catherine Weaver, Intern (2010)

“It is easy to say without exaggeration that my life drastically changed when I started working with Laura Arena at Lucky Gallery eight years ago. As someone who had little to no experience working with artists at an art gallery, she patiently imparted her vast knowledge of managing art spaces and organizing art events, and shared creative opportunities with me that I would otherwise not receive. The trust she placed in me as we worked together not only showed her love for creation and art, but also the process of collaboration and the people who make it possible. Laura embraces a space of experimentation and learning, challenging established norms and expanding critical thinking and doing, which encouraged my own growth while working with her. The unique work, welcoming environment and collaborative spirit made me decide to continue working with Laura as Lucky Gallery transitioned to DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts]. The projects we’ve done together over the years have been thoughtful, timely and fun, and have certainly molded my artistic career and character. I am lucky to have met Laura and continue to be inspired by her.”
Amy Weng, Intern (2009-2013)

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