Joanna Zabielska (born in Warsaw, based in Vienna) is working on the intersection of art, design and architecture, Joanna approaches the social and spatial issues of the transformation of the city. Using different media – from inflatable textile installations to cooking performance, she develops participatory, site- specific projects together with the local community. Her recent projects were part of the Beirut Art Biennale, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial and in exhibition in Switzerland and Austria. She is currently in charge of an art and design space Die Labile Botschaft (the unstable embassy) in a former supermarket in the heart of Vienna, and working as a freelancer in field of exhibition design for various offices and museums.

During her stay at DE-CONSTRUKT, Joanna focuses on the historical and future development of the waterfront area. In particular she research on a sugar factory past, present and future- sketching up it's different scenarios, with the help of Red Hook inhabitants. In the meantime she gets a glimpse into a life on a boat, inspired by the Mary A. Whalen and 1914 Lehigh Valley Barge #79 stories.