It is in the memories where permanence lingers. This permanence transforms into a landscape of fantasy where authenticity has found its home in rhythm, colours and shapes. The thrust of nostalgia is desire. It masks the crisis.

Hulda Ros Gudnadottir’s ‘KEEP FROZEN part one’ is a mixed-media installation that will be the first in a series of public exhibitions that will become instrumental in the artists research project. The artist is examining the mechanism of personal childhood memories of the fishing harbor and harbor culture. Those memories are approached from current conditions labelled ‘precarious times’ of cultures in transformation. ‘Loss of reality’ masks the foundation and dynamics of society. Illusion is displacing complex questions. The research includes the making of a full-length poetic documentary shot in Iceland and series of mixed-media installations using video, sculpture, photography and found objects.

Hulda is hosted through DE-CONSTRUKT projekts and is awarded funding through Icelandic Art Center The Association of Icelandic Visual Artist (SIM), Reykjavik Municipilaty and the Icelandic Art Copyright Association (Myndstef).

The exhibition will take on a site-specific element during a two weeks residency in the port of Red Hook. The exhibition will include several related events that will be announced shortly including a lecture and film screening, dinner with the artist and an installation with an opening reception.

Hulda Ros Gudnadottir, is an awarded artist in her home country Iceland. She works with mixed-media installations, video, sculpture, photographs and documentary. She has exhibited in Barcelona, Berlin, New York City and Reykjavik in galleries and museums and screened her films in South America, North America, Asia, and Europe. Gudnadottir is based in Berlin.