Lukatoyboy is a musician, sound artist, and educator from Belgrade, based in Berlin for S/S and Funchal for A/W periods, if not on-the-go. His current practice is based on performances dealing with networks, sound and narrative, using walkie talkies and site-specific topics. He is focused on the relation of chances and structures, creates participatory works with suggested rules, and questions the exclusivity and authority of an artist. He is researching alternative methods of listening, using architecture and distance as tools for discovery, as well as approaches to live broadcast of interpretation.

Some of his techniques include performing music and sound (ab)using electroacoustic improvisation based on transmission, feedback and analogue synthesizers, and occasionally stepping back into real-time sampling of various objects, toys, voices, and fields. For clubs and bars, he produces nanotechno and free IDM on a Game Boy. He is a co-founder of an unfunded artist residency MultiMadeira and since 2010, he edits Blind Tapes, a participatory and chance dedicated tape label.

While at DE-CONSTRUKT, Lukatoyboy will create one of his Blind Tape Quartets, a participative and chance dedicated limited tape release project. A small, basic studio with a portable 4-track cassette recorder is provided for musicians (established, amateurs,first-time...) and/or singers (writers, spoken word artists...) to record a single channel, until a recorded "quartet" is ready and blind-mixed. Each person is responsible for the 1/4 of the overall, 4-track/channel recording - and will be provided with some directions in order to preserve the overall mix from being too busy. A 4-track tape recorder will be ready for you and 10 minutes of your performance. You will be unaware of the people who played before or will be playing after you. One day after the recording, a recorded cassette will be put on sale as a limited edition. This way of recording enables a certain degree of surprise, but the kind of surprise which can be measured in advance by curating the order of participants - the shuffle option is here used as a pre-recording feature. Blind Tape Quartets recording sessions are staged only once per city.