Maia Radanovic is a multimedia artist based in New York. She questions and plays with narratives taken from archetypal stories, fairy-tale ideology, cultural expectations & boundaries, gender stereotypes, and established beliefs.

Her work is focused on female roles within those narratives, exploring aspects of both female superiority and weaknesses; challenging them and finding understanding through personal experience.

Having been raised in a patriarchal environment where expressing femininity was considered as a sign of weakness, and in adolescence going through a serial of different illnesses, resulted in her becoming even more self-conscious and confused about her sexuality and identity.

These experiences made her sensitive to recognizing all these rules of behavior, their meanings, and patterns. Art became a platform where she can expose the humor around it and a way to comment, question and express freely.

In constant research for a better understanding of human behavior, her work at the residency will be focused on de-constructing different layers that we choose in forming our identities. How we decide to pick the right one, what are the rules we set for ourselves, and what fears determine our every-day routine. How much we question our thought patterns and challenge our own established beliefs.

The idea is to produce a sculptural installation visually playing with feminine/masculine narrative symbols, and tactile materials to recall an emotion, and provoke interaction.

During her stay at DE-CONSTRUKT, Maia will be doing an Intimate Taboo Strip talk event, inviting participants to share their experiences, fears, and thoughts on certain topics that are, for-whatever-reason, considered as taboo. Once revealed, the spell of something hidden being exposed makes us, for a moment, vulnerable, but provides so much strength for any new challenge that we almost get addicted to sharing our taboos and overcoming our fears.