Marcia Vaitsman is developing games about: longevity, loneliness and resilience. Three people who crossed her life this year inspire the games and for whom these games are initially for, before letting the themes supersede the individuals. In the creation phase, while focusing on the individuals there are two equally strong intents to approach the Other:

Firstly to “understand” them as much as possible in their past and present in an exercise of exchange and trust, and secondly to “imagine” these individuals from the fragments of information and perception, unavoidable pre-conceived ideas that should be scrutinized, in a strong exercise of speculation and empathy. The resulting works are playable board games that combine narratives, objects, rules of how to play the games, and methodology of how to contemplate reality, which includes the reality of Others.

Part of this larger research, at DE-CONSTRUKT Marcia is studying the possibility to re-enact, with the help of the community, two playable objects, one made by the Brazilian artist Lygia Clark and another made by the German artist Franz Erhard Walther.

How will these objects interact with each other? How will the community react to them? How will we come to spend hours with strangers in order to create a shared experience of work, talk and trust.

The encounter with the public will be in the end of January, a date to build together these objects and play with them.

Previews work Game of Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts invites the public to one-on-one playful sessions. This board game has many images and words that will be combined according to the intentionality of the players and also by chance. It is a subjective trip to several themes in a calm and slow-paced environment. The guest is the player and the artist conducts the game, giving information when it is needed. For further questions or interest in playing please contact Marcia at

Marcia Vaitsman, PhD, has biography and practice rooted in displacement, migration, miscegenation and how the body-mind copes with disorientation and alterity. This is visible in works that show the body in situations of chance and unpredictability. In some other works, there are landscapes where one could arrive after a lifetime of drifting, where maps of erratic geography, precarious images of memory, proto-images, impermanence, and doubtful cultural identifications reside. Marcia worked six years as a member of the artistic and teaching staff at KHM (Academy of Media Arts) in Germany and has received several prizes such as “Mostra de Artistas no Exterior” from the Biennial of Sao Paulo; project grant from Prince Claus Fund, The Netherlands; project grant from FUNARTE, Rio de Janeiro; artist stipendium from UNESCO-Aschberg, France/Finland; granted artist in residence from IAMAS, Japan; Marcia’s work has been nominated and invited to several video art festivals around the world and shown in exhibitions in the Americas, Japan and throughout Europe. She was visiting scholar at Parsons NY and SCAD Lacoste.