Marianne Vieulès is a French visual artist and writer based on Earth.

She is trying to go to space since 2017, building wild playing machines, writing uncreative writings and recently trying to reenact women history from the computer history. Her works have been shown in Paris, New York, Linz and Montréal.

During her time at DE-CONSTRUKT, Marianne is wasting time on internet looking for all the covers of California dreamin’ from the Mamas and the Papas. Officially this song has been covered 72 times, sampled 16 times and used 17 times in movies and TV shows. She is trying to identify every version, even terrible covers on Youtube, bad quality download, misheard lyrics version, or an horrible remix.

And as a poems compilation, make a record and a micro-edition. 
At the same time she will host karaoke nights with only songs about California.

To this day she still works on Earth, still not in California.