Marie-Pascale Lafrenière’s creative research revolves around questions of the female representation in pop culture. From a feminist perspective, she investigates how the way women are depicted in mass media and social media affect the development of identity and mental well-being of female youth. Often drawing on her own fight with mental health, she uses auto-ethnography to connect her experience with the greater story.

In her performances, videos, and photographs, she re-appropriates the tools and languages of pop culture to challenge its promotion of patriarchal ideas. By doing so, she works towards a deconstruction of the female stereotypes and new ownership of the female body. Her main goals are to convey a sense of validation and relatability from the audience and to participate in the social changes initiated by the feminist movement. Lafrenière graduated from her B.A. at the Université du Québec in Outaouais in 2017, and she is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine-Arts at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver BC.

During her residency at DE-CONSTRUKT, Lafrenière intends to experiment further with the integration of pop culture elements into her artworks as she did in her most recent video Until Your Nose Bleeds (2018). She will also be exploring the female body as fragments in media art and performance, as result of an injury at her dominant hand, forcing her to rethink her life and practice to embrace the needs of her body.