Miranda Bellamy is an Aotearoa New Zealand artist. Her interdisciplinary work has led to many varied outcomes in galleries, cinemas and public spaces around the world. This is a return visit to the DE-CONSTRUKT, after a short residency last summer. Miranda will expand on the work she initiated on the subject of site-specific photographic texture maps, alongside developing other moving image and sculptural works.

Amanda Fauteux is an interdisciplinary artist living in New Brunswick, Canada. Her practice includes site-specific installation, bookmaking, and performance. She searches for poetic beauty and socio-political meaning in everyday objects and experiences. Her work has been programmed in festivals, screenings, and exhibitions across Canada and internationally.

Amanda will be researching Red Hook’s history of textile manufacturing as a point of departure for the work that she will develop while in residence. She will focus on collecting dye plants and other materials (such as food waste) from specific locations in Red Hook to produce unique colour. How this colour can be used to dye textiles that relate to those specific locations has potential social, political, and poetic meanings.

Miranda Bellamy and Amanda Fauteux share many similarities and sympathies in their art practices, creating small interventions with their work. Concepts drive aesthetic and material considerations. They isolate and repurpose overlooked or ubiquitous motifs that are loaded with potential socio-political meaning; themes of time, labour, the body, and identity politics are examined through a queer lens.

Amanda Fauteux gratefully acknowledges ArtsNB and the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation, whose support have made her participation in this program possible.