Miranda Bellamy is an artist and filmmaker. She has a multifaceted artistic practice that consists of sculpture, installation, video, photography, and works on paper. Bellamy’s art is technically proficient, intricately complex and highly refined. It has often investigated social fantasies, specific environments and the technologies that surround us. Her practice is currently recalibrating to explore personal narratives of becoming.

Bellamy hails from New Zealand, where she has worked and exhibited extensively. She has attended residencies and created projects internationally. Bellamy arrives at DE-CONSTRUCT soon after completing a residency at Struts & Faucet Media Centre in NB, Canada.

In the 18 months leading up to arriving in North America to undertake these residencies, much has changed in Bellamy’s life. Various personal upheavals led to a phase of deep internal reflection, a significant outcome of which was accepting herself as transgender and deciding to transition. The experiences and understandings that have come with this profound change are fuelling her work in exciting new ways. There are directness, vulnerability and a clear shift toward self-representation in her current practice. Her desire to offer a first-hand voice to the wider social narrative around transgender issues is clear. Bellamy prefers to frame her own perspective than become a subject to the assumptions of others.

While an artist in residence at DE-CONSTRUKT, Bellamy plans to build on the momentum she established in Canada. She will collaborate with NYC based photographer Emily Hlaváč Green to performatively respond to specific sites around the city selected for having significance to trans-histories.