MY SKY IS FALLING (MSiF) is an experience design that harnesses technology and story to create empathy for the challenges faced by foster care children. Guided by immersive performances and sensor technologies, participants uncover a dystopian sci-fi tale. The ending points to MSiF’s roots in real experiences of foster care.

Designing with instead of for is key to our approach to purposeful storytelling. MSiF is a Reboot Stories project that was designed with former foster care kids through Orange Duffel Bag Foundation along with interdisciplinary teams of Columbia University students and data scientists from The Harmony Institute. We’re integrating Affectiva biosensors from MIT media lab to further insight into social impact.

MSiF experience will be featured at Envision, United Nations and Independent Filmmaker Event on April 11, 2013 at 92YTribeca as well as d.i.y. days NYC on April 27, 2013.

The Orange Duffel Bag Foundation, President Echo Garrett
The Harmony Institute
Columbia University
Affectiva Q Sensors, Founder and Director Professor Rosalind Picard, Sc.D.
Moveable Feast Mobile Media, Founder and CEO Steve Schultz

Executive Producer: Lance Weiler
Creative Director: Atley Loughridge
Producer: Reka Posta

Design Director: Laura Arena
Sound Design: Darryl Montgomery
Aesthetic Design: Tessa Mauclere
Installation Design: Jennifer Cox
Interactive Sound Design: Mikhail Iliatov

Writer and Social Impact Lead from Orange Duffel Bag: Lydia Joyner
Social Impact from You Gotta Believe: Heather Henderson
Consultant and Musician from You Gotta Believe: Fekri Kram

Technical Design, Columbia University student: Paul (Binyan) Chen
Senior Creative Technologist from the Harmony Institute: Clint Beharry
Research Analyst from the Harmony Institute: Sarah Henry
Intern from the Harmony Institute: Sol Jorgensen
Data Visualization: Mini Kim

Writer and Theatre Director: Lena Rudnick
Theatre Director: Vyasar Ganesan
Sensory Experience Design and Debriefing: Toyin Adeyemi
Experimental Film Projections: Hannah Bisewski
Story and Animation: Munire Bozdemir
Documentation: Kathy Zhang

Maggie Herskowitz
Abigail Pechman
Victoria Miller
Danielle Brewer
Mei-Lin Campbell
Clarence Leonard
Stan Buturla
Kenny Govea
Cayley Waldo
Paolo Solis