My Sky is Falling (MSiF) an experience design that harnesses technology and story to create empathy for the challenges faced by foster care children was presented at D.I.Y. Days on Saturday, April 27th, 2013 at the New School as an innovative project going beyond the screen.

D.I.Y. days is about the accessibility of ideas, resources and networking that can enable creators to fund, create, distribute and sustain. Guided by immersive performances and sensor technologies, participants in MSiF uncovered a dystopian sci-fi tale. The ending showed MSiF’s roots in real experiences of foster care.

Results of the engagement of the participants were presented at the end of the day during the d.i.y. conference by Lance Weiler with Reboot Stories and Clint Beharry with The Harmnony Institute.

DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] worked with Reboot Stories, The Harmony Institute, students from Columbia University and the New School, documentary filmmaker Lydia Joyner, Orange Duffel Bag Foundation as well as a host of volunteers. So happy to work with artists Tessa Mauclere, Darryl Montgomery [aka Darryl Hell] and Mikhail Iliatov with the overall visual and sound design of MSIF.