The Nighting_Gale is an interactive theatre experience by LaBAUBOtory. Participants access the performance via a curious OkCupid profile and are invited on a “date” with the woman behind the profile, unaware that like their own internet profiles, their date will be viewed by an audience of strangers. The piece is as much an exploration of the tensions of the digital era–authenticity v. idealization, the public v. the private, and the virtual v. the physical–as it is a meditation on the timeless, fundamental tension that is gender. Drifting between reality and dreamworld, the performance seeks to animate—and ultimately, to challenge—the standard, inherited narratives we employ to think through these tensions.

The Nighting_Gale was originally crafted and performed for an audience of one. This series of performances is an experiment in showing it to larger audiences. Come see the show and stay for the talkback to tell us what you think.

When Demeter was mourning the kidnapping of her daughter it was old Baubo who threw up her skirt to reveal her vulva, an act which cheered Demeter out of her funk. laBAUBOratory is an interactive theatre collective that creates and experiments in the spirit of Baubo. Our goal is to interrupt banality with work that is unexpected, provocative, humorous and bawdy. To this end, we continually play with the possibility of transforming everyday spaces–apartments, parks, bathrooms, sidewalks, the internet–into sites of theatrical performance.