DE-CONSTRUKT studio in Red Hook Brooklyn invites creatives to join us for a potluck style community dinner to share, inspire, and discuss. On September 29th we will be screening philosophical short films, hosted by our studio assistant and artist, Alexandra Banhazl.

We invite all experimental filmmakers and video artists to submit their philosophical short film. The artist is invited to screen their film at DIN DIN located at DE-CONSTRUKT studio.

Join us for a night of philosophy and experimental short films where the lines of genre and theory, experience and knowledge, blur to become a spiral of connection and energy.

Videos/films submitted must be under 15 minutes long. We encourage the experimental, work in progress, and new genre media. Please send video link to alexbanhazl@gmail.com.


DIN DIN is a community potluck for creatives held monthly at studio DE-CONSTRUKT in Red Hook every last Sunday of the month. Each DIN DIN is hosted by an artist and or collective who will make some engagement with dinner guests be it a performance, viewing, discussion, collective action, workshop or other means of togetherness.

DIN DIN serves as a space to share and discuss current inspirations, what you’re working on, and opportunities in hope of supporting each others creative endeavors. Open to everyone please bring a drink and or food to share. For more information email laura@de-construkt.com.


We invite artists, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, curators, and researchers to apply for 2019 DE-CONSTRUKT residency opportunities for Winter. We provide a space to develop new ideas, create temporal work and encouragement to form new networks.

All participants must either make a public event in Red Hook or work with the neighborhood directly. We will work with each resident to organize their event and will publicize it in our newsletter and social media.


Artists are required to stay at least 2 weeks. Please note two-week residencies make it difficult to organize events due to the short time frame if you would like to make an event at our studio we suggest to stay at least for 1 month or more.

Applications open for 2019 Winter Residency program. Our deadline is Sept 15th, Midnight EST for applications.

For more information and for online application visit https://www.de-construkt.com/en/residency-program