Art Schema is an annual fee based website builder for the art community, as well as individuals and collectives who find important self-sufficiency, the opportunities to exist not depending on the market rules, grant system and state support.

Art Schema is control management system (CMS) that makes the process of creating a website easy and less time consuming. The subscription to Art Schema includes all the stages that are required to launch a website, starting from the creation and the design up to hosting the website on the servers and support service.

We create a community of people, based on solidarity and cooperation, with whom we will be sharing the income generated from the fees. Members who refer the Art Schema tools to their network of people in the art community receive their half of the income that was generated through their resources. The community is not restricted by a single location and any aspects of ownership. All members are part of a community

Art Schema shares the income with those who become members of this community to create a mutually-sustainable mechanism of cooperation granting members to achieve some degree of financial security and autonomy.

ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS is a collaborative intentional community model at the frontlines of a spiritual zeitgeist. Our Urban Mystery Skool offers a micro-residency and immersive wellness program for radical creatives in Manhattan’s Lower East Side as well as bi-annual Hip Hop Yoga retreats in the jungle of Thailand. Directed by UNDAKOVA & Or Nah with the radical feminist collective Go! Push Pops and rotating guest faculty, our intention is to build a self-sustaining, mystical urban wellness initiative which functions as a prosperity generator for the arts community, dynamic hive of creative innovation, education and resource center, and source of planetary healing.