DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] is excited to host the ninth edition of Photo Workshop New York (PWNY), from August 1 to August 19, 2018.

PWNY is an educational project organized each year in New York City, founded in 2010 by Laura De Marco and Roberto Alfano, the directors of the center of photography Spazio Labo’ in Bologna, Italy.

Each year, they bring together internationally acclaimed photographers to teach seven-day intensive photography workshops in NYC, with past teachers including Davide Monteleone, Stefano De Luigi, Donna Ferrato, Maurizio Garofalo, Massimo Sciacca, Amy Stein, Erica McDonald, Maggie Steber, Andrew Sullivan, Donald Weber, Jason Eskenazi, Joseph Michael Lopez, Carolyn Drake, Andres Gonzalez, Jessica Backhaus, Michael Ackerman, Landon Nordeman, George Georgiou, Vanessa Winship, Michael Christopher Brown and many guest speakers and lectures.

The aim of PWNY is to provide photography enthusiasts and students from all over the world an opportunity to develop their skills within the vibrant photo community of NYC. Intensive workshops that focus on project development, editing and fast-paced storytelling combined with presentations by leading professionals in the field, makes PWNY a unique workshop experience.

2018 teachers:
Matt Eich | The Documentary Project (August 1-10)
Amy Touchette | Framing New Yorkers (August 3-12)
Elinor Carucci | Finding Intimacy (August 13-19)