DE-CONSTRUKT presents Bad Syndrome: Zakarian/Pitsiokos, Georgeton, Amani

8pm Zakarian/Pitsiokos duo
Chris Pitsiokos-Alto saxophone
David Zakarian- Alto saxophone

9pm Dino Georgeton
"Dino Georgeton is a Basel-based percussionist focusing on the political implications of musical practice. This piece studies alternative production/consumption models, using electric current from visitors’ bodies as raw audio material, and relaying it back to them by using their heads as resonant spaces."

10pm Amani Fela
Amani is an unraveling of himself/not himself - his work is a reflection of the other in relation to the self, the many deaths, blackness

Dec 16th 7-11pm
De-construkt / 41 seabring Brooklyn
suggested 10$