Resonating Space is an evening of sound and visual scores by artists implementing various technologies, instruments and visions to produce real time performances. The resonant space series aims to highlight the sympathetic frequencies between varying approaches to sound and video in performance and installation based works. The event will feature performances and installations by the following artists.

Damian Catera (AV performance)

EOH v.2018 is an improvised intermedia performance where fragments of the works of JS Bach are appropriated, sliced, diced and algorithmically re-assembled into a new piece of music in real-time. The piece has both a sonic and visual component and is part of a larger series of works.

Active for over thirty years, Damian Catera explores the dynamic space between music, the visual arts and improvised performance.He has performed and exhibited internationally. In recent years he has performed at the Fridman Gallery, Clemente Centre and the Hayden Planetarium in NYC.

Tim Fodness (Sound installation)
Tim Fodness is a writer, sound artist, and sound designer who tells stories using immersive sound. He has composed work for stereo playback and multi-channel installation. Over the past decade, he has collaborated with visual, media, and performing artists. He was a Harvestworks resident in 2014, a feature on the Australian radio program Soundproof, and a participant in Creative Tech Week 2016. 

Matthew D. Gantt (AV performance)
Matthew D. Gantt is a composer and conceptualist based in New York City. He studied composition at CUNY Brooklyn College under the direction of Morton Subotnick, history and theory with David Grubbs, and contemporary performance practice with Jason Eckardt.

Gantt’s compositional work focuses primarily on the creative use of live electronics, issues of embodiment and environment in digital performance, and the use of open form scores and systems. Areas of inquiry and research include the overlap of contemporary artistic production and consumption, artificial scarcity in the age of digital reproduction, and the recorded document as confluence of artifact and event.

While living in New York, Gantt has performed or presented work at a range of venues, including Roulette, Issue Project Room, Irondale Center, Silent Barn, the New Museum and the Stone, as well as internationally at the IRCAM Academy in Paris, France. While at CUNY, he was awarded the John Cage prize for experimental composition, the Nancy Hagar scholarship award for his text ‘Music in a Post-Digital Culture: Thoughts for the Twenty-First Century Composer’, and the Tow Graduate Stipend for International Research.

Matthew D. Gantt currently teaches at the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music (BC-CCM), SMS High School through the Kaufman Center, and works as a studio assistant to Morton Subotnick and Joan La Barbara.

Gocha Tsinadze (AV performance)
Gocha Tsinadze a is a multimedia artist. Tsinadze has worked as a composer, sound and performance/installation based artist. He Works and Lives in NYC and hails from the Republic of Georgia. His work weaves among soundtrack, found sound, sampling, and computer music. Tsinadze incorporates found sound, computer generated sound and various instruments to create an improvised aural landscape. 

Tsinadze holds a BA from Rutgers University and an MFA from Brooklyn College's Performing and Interactive Media Arts program. Tsinadze has exhibited and performed in the US and abroad.

The project Blanks refers to firing blanks. In a sense it is an attempt to present a flattened listening space which treats all found, recorded, generated and performed sound as equal. The landscape becoming that of a heterogenous sonic world both full of and yet devoid of contextual presence.

Resonating Space (curated by Gocha Tsinadze)
Sept 22nd, 7:30pm @ 41 Seabring Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn NY. 11231
$10 suggestion door 

FB Invite

DE-CONSTRUKT studio invites creatives to join us every last Sunday of the month for a potluck style community dinner.

This evening will feature an introduction to the new co-production of Rose Point Mag, a zine created in collaboration with studio assistant Francesca Tirpak Photography to celebrate the culture and community of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

At this month’s community potluck, we invite you to come and learn more about the goals and endeavors behind the creation of this zine, and a chance to meet some of the artists who will be featured in this first issue. 

Please bring food and or drink to share. Email for more info.

DIN DIN A Curated Community Pot Luck
Sept 30th, 6-9pm @ 41 Seabring Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn NY. 11231

FB Invite