RAVENACT: AUGENGERÄUSCH [EYE NOISE] is a Berlin based duo collaboration, made up of Violonist, composer, and poet Saara Wallraf and composer, synthesizer player and mask maker Liz Kosack.

Shapes drawn in light, the face obscured, droning and virtuosic bursts of sound, the outlines of human and animalistic forms grounding the real simplicity of nature: this is the challenge of a newly created performance piece in the night of this Halloween eve. Using the idea of deconstructing the elements of a film (visual/text/audio) and using them not simultaneously, but re-involving them with each other in new ways, the artists create a scenery with strong motives of the body and shifting time.

Shadow imagery, mask work, and multi-tongued poetry (German and USA) together with dialogues of sound and movement pulls out the hidden narrative by the eyes and ears.

ABOUT Ravenact Augengerausch (Eye Noise) 
Since 2014, violinist, composer, and poet Saara Wallraf and composer, synthesizer player and mask maker Liz Kosack collaborate in finding ways to work between music, text and visual elements. drawing on many traditions from jazz to contemporary music, free improvisation, german literature, masks as ritual and artistic tools, and film.
Originally from Cologne, Wallraf ’s work has brought her to live in multiple countries and present performances around the world. She has collaborated with Peter Cusack, Tomomi Adachi, Lucie Vítkova, Lucas Leidinger, and others. She also runs a New Music Series in Berlin: tara-art.net 

Kosack is an artist from Maine. After living in Red Hook, Brooklyn for 5 years, she moved to Berlin. Her projects bridge many disciplines – delighting in bringing visual and performative elements to concerts while pursuing the digital synthesizer as a serious expressive instrument: zardkom.com