RECIPROCATE || ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse | ARCHIVE-PERFORMANCE-INSTALLATION

A summer series of eco-dance LABS culminates with an archive-performance-installation choreographed & facilitated by, Corinne Cappelletti and Eva Perrotta, and accompanied with live sound by, Fa Ventilato. Taste, witness, make and gather within this live Installation at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] with performance integrated throughout the installation at random. Interact with the living and breathing echo of our creative research that seeks to understand:

• What is the function of ruderal species in the city and what can we learn from them?
• How do we deal with the grief, loss and waste in the land and also in our bodies?
• How can we reflect inward and discover our bodies as a land to better understand our relationship to nature?

Meander throughout the installation of archives (plant-matter, notes, drawings, photos and self reflection) collected from building and designing the eco-dance LABS and choreography that are a part of the durational social experiment, ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse. Systems for reciprocity are designed throughout this event for continued gifting, reflection and your own creation. Wild-crafted tinctures, edibles, teas and cocktails made of local plants will be shared.

ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse seeks to understand the life, function and characteristics of the wild plants of Red Hook; and to foster a reciprocal relationship between the natural habitat and the urban community. We intend to expand the choreographic practice by building interactive performance rituals with and by the public. With this, we remind ourselves that the act of performing is coming from ancient traditions where the entire community was involved. The act of witnessing is a key component to the growth process and an act of sharing through our fieldwork, LABS, and performance installation.

In order to better understand the nature of the urban landscape, ro͞odərəl aims to create reciprocity and inclusivity. We offer experimental labs designed in the form of a walking tour, that empowers the local environment—both natural and man-made, as well as the people who live within it. Attitudes can shift. Claiming space, within our own lives, bodies, and the public domain, thereby deepening our practices with nature in public spaces. Supported in this platform, we can re-discover what it means to share public space and local wisdom.