During his residency at DE-CONSTRUKT Dino Georgeton experimented with alternative production/consumption models in music, with a focus on creating systems for interactivity. His time was divided between technical experimentation with these kinds of systems, and getting acquainted with Red Hook and its residents.

In the resulting system, only a small group of people can participate at one time; through their actions (or lack of action), they are responsible for creating all of the sound material (using the natural electrical charges of their bodies), as well as all structural decision-making. By touching cables to make noise and with their interactions with one another, participants are responsible for all structural and material aspects of the resulting music. personalizing the experience. The music is divided and sent back to the participants. Rather than using the room as a resonant space, the sound is then projected directly into the participants’ heads, using them as isolated resonant spaces which are only accessible to them.

During his residency, Dino presented one implementation of this system in an event at DE-CONSTRUKT, “Bad Syndrome” (produced by David Zakarian and Laura Arena), as a semi-installative piece for up to three participants at one time. The residency also resulted in a piece consisting of a hat which conducts sound through the skull, depending on how the hat is worn. Both these projects are a part of his research on musical processes which avoid the traditional hierarchical division of labor and flow of information, in order to find means of musical production that are more compatible with social ideals.

ABOUT Dino Georgeton

Dino Georgeton is a Basel, Switzerland-based musician concerned with the political and social implications and potential of musical practice, with a focus on aligning conditions and means of production with modern social/political ideals, and engaging in self-criticism as a means of reflecting on society.

Dino studied at Rice University in Houston, Texas and the Basel Hochschule für Musik in Basel, Switzerland, where he has lived and worked since 2015. He appears regularly as a percussionist and improviser around Western and Eastern Europe, as well as the United States.