Rik Beck is an artist, curator, and a social worker living and working in Germany. Rik has participated in projects all over the world, including Berlin, Ghana, and Kyrgyzstan. In Stuttgart where she resides, Rick gave lectures on urban planning in the university. Currently, she is a teacher of urban sketching for adults at V.H.S. in Stuttgart. She also developed a seminar school called Ghatronic in Ghana for using digital programs with the use of PC.

Rik examines outside spaces and the structure of surfaces found all around us: new, worn-down and eaten away by exhaust fumes pollution, rough, smooth, fine, ornamental, figurative, monochrome and so on. She uses graphite to reveal the structures in an authentic way. She renders the image into a new form equivalent to a photograph. The materials Rik uses in her work are graphite ink, watercolor and is currently experimenting with lime (with fresco painting).

Rik will feature her images rendered in Red Hook in a zine that will be left in places in around the neighborhood. A visual map of locations for people to find and explore. This self-made publication is a game of sorts to observe the neighborhood in a different way and asking people to connect the rendered drawings to the actual physical locations.