DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] is proud to co produced a series of zines with Francesca Tirpak highlighting the cultural and community happenings in our wonderful home of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The zines are our attempt to showcase the important arts, culture, entrepreneurship, and community that reside and make Red Hook the special and unique place that it is. We are calling for submissions of visual art and searching for contributors to this scene in the neighborhood to feature in this publication.

New York as a whole is changing at a rate faster than we can keep up with, and this is reflected in our neighborhood. Our motivation is to capture our vibrant and dynamic community with a series of zines that feature the voices of those who live and work in Red Hook.

Editor Francesca Tirpak has been intrigued and inspired by the documentative nature of zines and their history in subculture for years, and since studying digital journalism at university, has branched out to creating her own under the name Contents Under Pressure. By working with DE-CONSTRUKT as a medium and as a link to Red Hook, she hopes to assist in the recording of the history of the area as she experiences it during her time at the studio.

Tirpak ’s influence comes from the fanzines and art zines of decades past, whose contents chronicled the lesser-known and the underground for us to read and see today. By capturing the state of Red Hook and its residents of many experience and circumstance in a physical form, perhaps it will remind readers of the future of the times that passed and the state their neighborhood once stood within. And perhaps it even will move them to do the same of their own community. By making art, and by assembling this art into a compilation to be admire by any who may pick it up, she hopes remembering and looking forward will both drive some sort of equal action.

To bring forward your work - as an artist, curator, organization, etc - in Red Hook, please visit our submission form. We are looking for persons to feature in articles, as well as various forms of visual work and writing to print within these pages. Become a part of this paper-history.

ABOUT Fran Tirpak

Francesca Tirpak is a photographer, writer, journalist and designer from San Diego, California. She is taking a gap year from studies in Leeds, England, at Leeds Beckett University, where she studies digital journalism, to intern at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts]. Her projects during this time will focus on the set-up and maintenance of the new photography studio and darkroom onsite, as well as designing and curating a zine documenting the happenings at the studio and the neighborhood of Red Hook around it as it undergoes changes and development.