Rosemary Engstrom is a multimedia artist who grew up in Sacramento CA in a big queer household. In 2011 they moved to a small punk community in the woods of Washington State where they discovered art and music as a way of coping with capitalism. Rosemary received an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design where they were awarded the Henry Wolf Scholarship. They now reside in Providence, Rhode Island where they make loud, bold and colorful photographs that question traditional capitalist beauty standards, relationships, and stigmatizations around queerness. Using a mixture of toys, food, beauty products, magazine clippings, an assortment of gooey things, and sometimes a friend’s body or their own, Rosemary constructs something playfully absurd. Play serves as metaphor for power, turning it into something unattainable. In this make believe world, power becomes a game of pretend, and heteronormative ideas of what is right and wrong are turned on their upside. Disruption allows us to look differently at the systems we’ve created.

During their month-long stay at DE-CONSTRUKT Rosemary is branching out from a focus on personal work and would like to invite community members of all identities and ages in Red Hook to visit the studio to collaborate on a series of portraits. These portraits will remain true to the theme of playful with optional props and make-up available, and exist to empower, lift up, and nourish the community of Red Hook. All comfort levels are encouraged to participate. It is meant to be a safe space for everyone. All participants will have access to their portraits via email and can pick up a print later in the month.