Robert C. Beck and Sarah Max Beck founded studioHydrostatic in 2014 as a multidisciplinary, collaborative art studio merging science and creative practice to build inspiring, new models that challenge the understanding of the biological environment, humanity’s relationship with it, and culture symbiosis between the two.

The project started on a small rooftop in Brooklyn as an experimental foray incorporating living organic material with traditional art practice by constructing living bio-art systems as site specific installation projects. Greenhouse-based experiments tailored to sequester carbon, soil building ecology, and recirculating aquaculture systems were some of the tools and processes through which they sought to define their practice.

The goal was to develop a stable food producing ecosystem from which they could curate and exhibit the successful, interesting and challenging qualities of a “modern” lifecycle in balance. Working with common, low-tech materials to build water filtration systems and hybridize alternative agricultural technologies gave their experimental constructions a proving ground from which they were able to build formalized presentations of the creative edge, mad-scientist-style research.

Currently working in Brooklyn with a team of artists, and from their satellite studio/permaculture food forest in downtown Orlando, Florida, studioHydrostatic continues to help blur the boundaries between art and science.