Tarja Sahlstedt is a theatre maker based in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from Turku Arts Academy as a Bachelor of Arts (2014) and as a Master of Arts from Tampere University in Drama and Theatre research (2015). Characteristics in her performances are strong visuality, poetic language, and multilayered dramaturgy.

Recently in her works, she has been interested in the themes hope and sensitivity. In one of her most personal performances My King, performed as a part of the Finnish National Theatre Touring Stage (2016-2018), she explored the mental landscape of addiction and struggle. The Touring Stage brings productions to people in locations which have little or no access to live art, such as hospitals, prisons, and reception centers.

During her time at DE-CONSTRUKT, Tarja is searching and understanding through personal experience. Her work in progress “DEPARTED LULLABY - opening up the heartspace ” examines a relationship, the history, and the feelings that reflect off the city in memories. Fascinated by Red Hook’s location, which has a view of the Statue of Liberty and the cargo ships, Tarja will create a performance in the form of a “mixtape”, where the sounds and silence play a key role. In the mixtape, she binds together history and the present with the landscapes and audio sounds that the city offers. For this work, she will allow herself to travel more and focus more on vulnerability and honesty.