texas and glory is a collective of two artists defining themselves as feminist art punks. The main topics they are working on are sexuality, gender identity, and LGBTTIQ* themes from a queer feminist perspective. Amongst others, they are expressing their ideas through videos, photography, and graphic novels. texas and glory are based in Cologne, Germany.

texas’ and glory’s short films have been screened all over the world, e.g in China, Uganda, Nigeria, Serbia, Italy, Denmark, the US, India, Switzerland, the UK, and the Netherlands. Their artwork has been shown in several museums - mostly in an LGBTTIQ* context as they define themselves as lesbian and non-binary, respectively.

During their residency at DE-CONSTRUKT, texas and glory are getting inspired by exploring the life and art scene of New York City in general and of Red Hook, Brooklyn, in particular. Moreover, they are working on their next stop motion short film.