Join Ravenous Craft and the New York Obscura Society for an immersive dinner series in 2016 at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] studio inspired by the wild natural world, life and death cycles of the year, and the carnal elements inherent to consuming food.

The dinner series explores the unexplainable magic and alchemy of food in connection with the Earth, as related to the natural shifts that mark the beginnings of new seasons and cycles. Each dinner event provides context for historic Pagan celebrations through a multi-course tasting menu, wine pairings, and immersive installations. These sumptuous feasts are designed to ignite dialogue about reconnecting with the wild human spirit that links us to former human civilizations which venerated the Earth’s cycles, the sun, and the moon.

Inspired by belief systems of pre-Modern Europe, as well as cross-cultural ancient civilizations, the dinner series is based around the equinox days, solstice days, and the cross-quarter holidays timed to coincide with the traditional Pagan feast days. The carefully curated feasts, created by Mallory Lance of Ravenous Craft, are sourced from locally foraged, hunted, and ecologically integral ingredients that are natural to the time of year for each celebration.

ABOUT Ravenous Craft 
Ravenous Craft is a collective providing resources for wild women to form covens, share, gather, cook, craft, and develop creative and intuitive prowess together. For more information you can also visit

ABOUT New York Obscura Society 
The Obscura Society is the real world exploration arm of Atlas Obscura, seeking out secret histories, unusual access, and opportunities to explore strange and overlooked places hidden all around us. The New York chapter of the Obscura Society hosts regular explorations in and around New York City, designed to reveal the hidden city lurking just below the surface.