The social practice of Transitioners, a duo of generationally distinguished artists, are focused on spacetime correlations between the ephemera of artistic activity and alternative presentations of these activities, whilst focusing on places in transition inherited from urbanistic decisions. Based on a general idea that a work of art is the aesthetically most significant artifact, Transitioners are aiming to confront these places as emphasized.

The focus is on the neighborhood Redhook, reacting on the current state of the neighborhood’s visuality and urbanistic function.

The interior of the DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] will serve as a communication base for recorded events. The roof of the gallery will serve as a central point for observation of the particular area of interest. Artworks realized here will have the character of a temporary change including the possibility of viewers participation.

ABOUT Pavlína Fichta Čierna
Pavlína Fichta Čierna (Born 1967 in Žilina, where she also lives) is an important figure of the European contemporary art. Her artworks are touching important issues from the current society using very original approach and integrating various media. She is especially known for her emphatic interest in outskirts of society and “problem zones”.

ABOUT Matej Vakula
Matej Vakula (Born 1981 in Žilina, currently living in New York City) is a very specific representative of the younger generation of Slovak visual art. Using an interdisciplinary approach he is researching ways how public space is used and politicised. Methods of his artistic research are based on DIY approach and philosophy of Open Source reflecting issues of safety vs freedom, global vs local and political vs personal.