The Fandangoe Kid’s work during her residency at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] looks at beauty in trauma, focusing on the micro level of joy on a momentary basis that can be found within a macro level of extreme grief. This project follows the tragic loss of a vast amount of the artist’s family in an accident in the East River in 2011, something that the Fandangoe Kid has been processing and addressing through her narrative-driven work.

The Fandangoe Kid is interested in creating a space for honest dialogue about taboo and painful subject matters to unfold, and is keen to keep all of her work in the public realm, for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to access. Her work in New York is anecdotal and narrative driven and navigates the subject of death and grief with a powerful vulnerability and openness, telling true stories of moments of beauty within the most harrowing period of her life. With this project, the artist aims to encourage other people experiencing a bereavement or traumatic loss to know that some of the worst things can happen to you and you can survive them.

"It sounds a little saccharine and I always aim to stay real in my work, but the reason I am still here and functioning and healing is a result of being loved, both by those I have lost, but also by those remaining, who have given me the opportunity to talk very honestly and openly about my pain through these years, friends who have become my family. I am only the sum of the people who love me and a lot of hard work to survive and maintain an open heart throughout the toughest period."

ABOUT The Fandangoe Kid

The Fandangoe Kid is interested in rituals for survival and how we as human beings navigate death and loss, trauma and mental health. The first of a series of short films made by The Fandangoe Kid with friend and director Tara Darby is due out this Fall, looking at dance and movement as a means of processing pain and providing catharsis.

Her work as part of this residency can be seen at: 234 Butler Street at Open Source Gallery in Gowanus, Corner of Bergen and 4th Ave, 41 Seabring Street at DE-CONSTRUKT in Red Hook, Wall installation on Bedford Ave and North 8th to come in the Fall.