Waller is an exhibition of experiments created by artist Katie Lee Mansfield during a month-long residency at De-Construkt [projekts] in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Waller examines the coast of Red Hook. The water, the piers, the community that occupies it and most importantly the acknowledgment of the significance that the water plays within specifically. The experiments in this show consider the physical evolution of space and placement, evidence of struggle and survival, the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and emotional consciousness of living in Red Hook for the month.

Salt, nets and fishing hooks serve as symbols and tools representing Mansfield’s experience of the New York Harbor. Documentation of improv performances is displayed alongside sculptural objects, helping bridge her psychological understanding of Red Hook.

ABOUT Katie Lee Mansfield
Katie Lee Mansfield is a conceptual artist and educator living in Boston, MA. She holds two Master of Fine Arts degrees from The University of Connecticut (with a focus on photography and sculpture) and Tufts University (with a focus on performance and installation).

Mansfield’s artwork is influenced by her upbringing. She often turns to her family’s farmstead to explore concepts of rural American identity. Working across several disciplines, she consistently uses her body as a mode of expression and critique of class hierarchy, familial relationships, mental illness, queer identity, and rural American history. Mansfield creates work that poses sociological questions that are often complex and dynamic.